Worst Kicker In NFL Last Year; Janikowski Shouldn’t Get Free Pass in 2014


a_janikowski_iThe Oakland Raiders are paying Sebastian Janikowski millions of dollars (2.7 to be exact) to kick field goals and what do they get?

The worst kicker in the league last year with regard to percentage of field goals made at 70%.

Janikowski, aka SeaBass, is the fifth highest paid kicker in the NFL, but in 2014 he ranked 28th in field goals made.

So many other NFL teams have paid less and gotten more.

For the Raiders to keep SeaBass on the roster without competition would appear that the organization is willing to accept a similar performance in 2014.

Last year Janikowski seemed to complain about a new holder….Then it was his mental confidence.

How much time do you stand by and make excuses for a 15 year NFL veteran that makes almost 3 million a year (8 million of that was guaranteed).

temp060214-otas-42--nfl_mezz_1280_1024After looking at the Raiders 2014 roster, as of right now, there is no-one listed as a competitor to Janikowski for the starting kicker position.

Wouldn’t you think it would behoove the Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie to get another kicker in there to compete; maybe save the organization a couple of million dollars in the long run and put more points on the board in the process?

We all know Janikowski has a habit of being injured at some point in the season anyway.

If 2014 is truly supposed to be different for the Raiders organization and they are no longer adhering to the old ways of continuing to do the same thing expecting different results….they should bring in a couple of kickers to compete against Janikowski.

If anything, by bringing in some competition, “SeaBass” will work harder as a result and be more prepared for the regular season.

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