Raiders’ Coach Allen instituting ‘Bunker Mentality’ in Oakland… “Only way you climb out of this hole as a team”– Says Pryor must be non-symptomatic to play Sunday against the Chargers – Allen told team after game that the loss ‘stung’ as they had all the momentum, up 14-0 and they let the Redskins back in the game – More from Allen, “We have got to make inches” (on offense when 4th and inches) and stop making stupid pre-snap penalties – Jennings steps up after McFadden & Reece injured – As Rivera celebrated his first NFL TD with ‘Terio’ dance in end zone, his sister and star on Glee, drops obvious ‘F’ bomb on network TV – Kickoff for Raiders vs Chargers Moved to 8:35 PM

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Coach Allen on Monday (… Head Coach Dennis Allen spoke to the media Monday afternoon and discussed the Raiders 24-14 loss to the Washington Redskins.  In his opening statement, Allen made it clear that the game of football is not about one person, it’s about 11 guys, and if the Raiders are going to get out of this hole they are in, they are going to have to take on a ‘bunker mentality’ in order to do it as a team.  Allen also said that quarterback Terrelle Pryor must be non-symptomatic to play Sunday against the Chargers.

Allen not blaming Flynn for Redskins loss  (by Steve Corkran, Bay Area News Group)… Allen made that abundantly clear Monday in his weekly news conference, bringing up the subject without prompting, in an obvious response to some of the things written after the Raiders 24-14 loss Sunday.  “This game of football is not about one person,” Allen said. “It’s about 11 guys on each side of the ball. … At no point was this ever made about one guy, alright. I want to make sure that that’s perfectly clear.  “We had a football game to go out and play yesterday. We went out as a team, we didn’t get it done. That’s the end of the story. We’ve got to get better. We’ve got to move on. We lost that game as a team and we’re going to win games as a team.”

Coach Allen after the Redskins’ game (… Head Coach Dennis Allen spoke to the media after the Raiders 24-14 loss to the Washington Redskins in 2013 Regular Season Week 4 action.  In his opening statement, Allen said that when he spoke to the team after the game, he told them that this loss hurt.  “That game, when I told the players in the locker room, that one hurt; that one stung.  I thought the way that we were able to start out the game, block a punt, get to 14 to nothing, when we had all the momentum and we let them back in the game…”  Coach Allen also talked about how the sacks on Flynn were partly on him, partly on protection and that there were key pre-snap penalties where they could have gotten the ball back that just need to stop happening (because they’re stupid).

Raiders Fall to Redskins 24-14  (… The Washington Redskins defeated the Oakland Raiders 24-14 in 2013 Regular Season Week 4 action.

Flynn struggles as Raiders fall 24-14 to Redskins  (by Josh Dubow, Associated Press)…With starting running backs Darren McFadden and Marcel Reece sidelined for much of the game with injuries, Flynn was able to do very little in place of injured starter and fan favorite Terrelle Pryor, who has not recovered from a concussion.

Pryor almost in like Flynn vs. Washington  (by Paul Gutierrez, ESPN)… And with the less-mobile Flynn, Washington did not have to respect the Raiders quarterbacks’ running ability as it would with Pryor back there. Washington could simply pin its ears back and bull rush Flynn.

Oakland Raiders Rumors: Matt Flynn Disappoints Dennis Allen, Terrelle Pryor Likely Starter Against Chargers After QB Suffers Concussion Symptoms in Practice  (by Lauren Moranor, Sports World Report)… “Matt didn’t play well and we have to move on. We have to get better from that,” head coach Dennis Allen said, via the team website. “Obviously, I don’t think he saw the field very good today. I think he was obviously part of some of the sacks that we gave up in the game. It was a tough situation for him to go in to and obviously, with the loss of McFadden and Reece that didn’t help him out any. Offensively, we didn’t get it done and that’s really the bottom line.”

Upon Further Review: Raiders Week 4  (by Paul Gutierrez, ESPN)… “It was fourth-and-inches and we have to be able to make inches,” Allen said. Flynn instead fumbled and the Raiders turned it over on downs, still needing two scores.

Kawakami: No Oakland Raiders quarterback controversy here — Terrelle Pryor is the best they’ve got (by Tim Kawakami, San Jose Mercury News Columnist)… Terrelle Pryor isn’t just the Raiders’ best quarterback, he’s the only one.  He’s it, and Matt Flynn absolutely isn’t.   If nothing else, the Raiders’ gut-shot 24-14 loss to Washington at the Coliseum proved one franchise-focusing thing: By not playing Sunday, Pryor loomed larger than he ever has and maybe ever will, and by playing the way he did, Flynn has never seemed smaller.

Allen can’t ignore falloff from Pryor to Flynn (by Ray Ratto, CSN Bay Area)…And, when asked if Pryor’s concussion still prevented him from playing against San Diego if he would consider starting third quarterback Matt McGloin:  “I don’t know right now. It’s only been 15 minutes (since the game ended).” That last one was the piece de resistance, because this-string quarterback questions are the last refuge of the neophyte reporter, there to be slapped back with vigor and even sarcasm. Allen, on the other hand, would not rule out the idea.

Oakland Raiders: The Blame Cannot Be Placed on One Individual  (by Blu Spikes, Golden Gate Sports)… Sure, you can blame Flynn — he was 21/32 for 227 yards with one TD, and one very costly interception that was very, very Palmer-ish. He was sacked seven times and fumbled once.

Alfred Morris, Darren McFadden injured in Oakland  (by Gregg Rosenthal,… Raiders’ running back Darren McFadden hurt his hamstring after just five carries, and he quickly was ruled out for the rest of the game.

Raiders offense hindered without McFadden, Reece (by Scott Bair, CSN Bay Area)… McFadden and Reece were new additions to a painfully long injury list that limits the Raiders’ ability to compete.  McFadden strained his hamstring early in the first quarter, but tried to play through it in the second before shutting things down. Reece injured his knee around the same time, leaving the backfield full of backups.

Jack-of-all-trades Jennings a bright spot for Raiders on Sunday  (by Steve Corkran, Bay Area News Group)… Jennings was “the guy” on several levels Sunday, standing out in a game in which the Raiders squandered a 14-0 lead, surrendered seven sacks and allowed a struggling Redskins team to get its first victory in four games.  He made his presence felt from the outset, before McFadden suffered his injury and Jennings touched the ball on offense for the first of 23 times.

Poole: Oakland Raiders can’t expect Darren McFadden to stay healthy  (by Monte Poole, Bay Area News Group)… Expect, then, for McFadden’s NFL career to follow the same demoralizing script: terrific running back, cannot avoid the kind of injuries that sabotage his best intentions.

Naya Rivera Goes NUTS After Her Little Bro Scores His First Ever NFL Touchdown! Kevin McHale Joins In On The Glee! (… The multitalented actress made her way to the Oakland Coliseum this Sunday, along with her co-star Kevin McHale, to cheer on little bro Mychal Rivera as he took on the Washington Redskins, and she definitely did NOT go home disappointed!

Mychal Rivera’s First Raiders Touchdown Thrilled ‘Glee’ Star Naya Rivera, His Sister (Huffington Post)… As Mychal was celebrating in the end zone, an exuberant Naya appeared to drop an f-bomb in the stands.

Lowell Cohn: Raiders give new meaning to ‘small ball’  (by Lowell Cohn, The Press Democrat)… Let’s start with a small point about the Raiders’ 24-14 loss to the Redskins. With the Raiders, there really aren’t any big points. They do not contend for anything significant. They do not figure in the topography of the NFL. They are a small story.

Holmes’ suspension ends, Raiders need to make roster move  (by Steve Corkran, Bay Area News Group)… At some point, the Raiders need to make a roster move to accommodate Holmes on the 53-man, active roster. That shouldn’t be too difficult.  Though it’s easy to speculate and say Criner would be the logical choice, that’s not apt to happen. The Raiders haven’t given up on Criner. He just isn’t viewed as one of their four best receivers right now.  It makes far more sense for the Raiders to cut someone such as guard Lamar Mady.

Kickoff for Raiders vs Chargers Moved to 8:35 PM  (… Kickoff for the Oakland Raiders versus San Diego Chargers game at Coliseum on Sunday, October 6 has been moved to 8:35 p.m. PT.


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